GABRIELA GIROVA – Aerial Photographer

At 19 years old, Gabriela moved to the United Kingdom and thanks to the tutorial of the famous photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, who became her mentor and friend, her passion for photography grew.

Six years later she moved to Philadelphia, United States. In 2010 she graduated with a bachelor of science in photography from The Art Institute of Philadelphia and shortly after moved back to the United Kingdom.

Here she took up flying lessons and in 2018 finalised her private pilot’s licence. It is during this time that she became fascinated by the higher perspectives and wished to express her feelings through her medium.

It is here in Mallorca that Gabriela extended her spirit into a healthy passion for hanging out of a helicopter. She took up to the skies yet again, this time scanning this beautiful island from up above.

Gabriela’s work is a representation of the inheritance of her personal photographic history up to this moment. Her ‘Land portraits’ of  Mallorca, are organic, illustrative photographs, taken with respect to the ground we walk on. They are portraits of breathing nature turned into a still life.

- Camera is a tool. Flying is a meditation. All else is an inspiration. -